Nick Locascio

I'm a CS Master's student working in MIT's NLP Lab. I'm interested in Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI.


Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge

First Author, EMNLP 2016. Designed and trained novel Deep RNN for generating Regular Expressions given natural language descriptions of the user’s intent. Paper here. Code+Data here.

Autodetection and Classification of Hidden Cultural City Districts from Yelp Reviews

Designed and implemented unsupervised learning algorithm that leveraged LDA topic modeling and Gaussian Mixture Models to detect and label cultural city districts. Submitted as part of the Yelp Dataset Challenge. Paper here. Code here

Industry Experience

Perch Fitness

Computer Vision Engineer. Developed automatic exercise classification from video with deep CNN’s. Developed facial recognition login, barbell path and form tracking systems.


Software Engineer. Worked on Recommendations team building machine learning models with big data pipelines. Ran user-facing experiments on Re-Ranking Homefeed using Facebook data signals. Built internal debug tool for our machine learning ranking models.


Software Engineer. Worked on iOS team. Leveraged runtime meta programming to implement property-based wrapper for NSUserDefaults. Worked on experimental Notifications Center Widget.

My Projects


Chrome Extension that performs image captioning using deep neural networks to automatically provide alt-text for vision-impaired users.


Web app and deep learning system that listens to company meetings to monitor employee speaking habits and tendencies. Speaker + interruption recognition in a novel setting.

Mystery Snap

iOS photo sharing application. +200,000 users. +3 million photos sent. Unfortunately shut down by Snapchat legal request.

Lecture Dashboard

Node + Socket web app that gives professors real-time feedback during lecture. Also built an Internet of Things Arduino controlled LED Orb that changed color in real time to match the on-screen graph. Made for MIT’s 6.170 final project. Code here.

Monster Cats

iOS 2D action runner game. +150,000 downloads.

Various Other Projects

Portfolio of other design and software projects.