I'm a CS Master's student working in MIT's NLP Lab. I'm interested in Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI.

My Research

Industry Experience

  • Perch Fitness - Computer Vision Engineer. Developed automatic exercise classification from video with deep CNN’s. Developed facial recognition login, barbell path and form tracking systems.
  • Pinterest - Software Engineer. Worked on Recommendations team building machine learning models with big data pipelines. Ran user-facing experiments on Re-Ranking Homefeed using Facebook data signals. Built internal debug tool for our machine learning ranking models.
  • Fitbit - Software Engineer. Worked on iOS team. Leveraged runtime meta programming to implement property-based wrapper for NSUserDefaults. Worked on experimental Notifications Center Widget.

My Projects

  • HORIZON - Chrome Extension that performs image captioning using deep neural networks to automatically provide alt-text for vision-impaired users. HackMIT Project.
  • Viki - Web app and deep learning system that listens to company meetings to monitor employee speaking habits and tendencies. Speaker + interruption recognition in a novel setting. HackMIT Project.
  • Mystery Snap - iOS photo sharing application. +200,000 users. +3 million photos sent. Unfortunately shut down by Snapchat legal request.
  • Lecture Dashboard - Node + Socket web app that gives professors real-time feedback during lecture. Also built an Internet of Things Arduino controlled LED Orb that changed color in real time to match the on-screen graph. Made for MIT’s 6.170 final project. Code here.
  • Monster Cats - iOS 2D action runner game. +150,000 downloads.
  • Various Other Projects - Portfolio of other design and software projects.